Our garden is privately owned, a house garden about the size of a quarter acre or

thousand square meters.

We are dedicated, to develop and maintain this garden as a natural habitat for hummingbirds,

common for the western part of Jamaica's low lands.

We don't want  nets and cages. Just nature!

Hummingbirds,  other birds and small animals like lizards, butterflies and bees are encouraged

to come and feed in the garden on a sizable variety of flowers, plants and trees. 

Apart from natural food sources hummingbirds like  to feed on a man made 

'nectar', which is made from water and white granulated sugar.

Visitors are invited to see, feed and of course photograph hummingbirds.

Please keep in mind, you are not visiting an enclosed bird sanctuary.

Wildlife is sometimes unpredictable. Hummingbirds and there appearance depend on a number

of  conditions, e.g air pressure, rain, breeding habits and flowering time of plants, to name a few.

Therefore 'show times' are not always easily to predict.

Please be patient, enjoy the serenity of a little piece of  Jamaica's natural beauty

and you will be rewarded with a memorable experience